Do You Need Rugs? Jaziah Mack Has Got You Covered


Snoopy rug that Jaziah Mack designed and loomed himself.

Jaziah Mack, junior, has his own rug business. Mack makes customized rugs to order out of his home. He uses the handle @topcityrugs on Instagram where he promotes his business and where he takes rug commissions.
Mack first started this business at the end of the 2021-2022 school year. He had seen a lot of rug making on TikTok and became more and more interested. Mack was interested because it gave him something to do when there was nothing else to do,
“This one guy on TikTok really interested me because if it was a rainy day he just wanted to make some rugs because there was nothing else to do, and I wanted to do that,” Mack said.
One thing Mack enjoys about making rugs is the people’s reactions and the general end result after finishing a rug.
Mack has only had six orders so far since starting his business at the beginning of summer but hopes to grow his business more over time. As of right now, Mack charges depending on the size of the rug, for example, he charges $160 for a 3×3 rug and $80 for a 2×1 rug.
Mack thinks that making rugs has gotten easier with each rug he makes. Mack also wants to continue on with this business and eventually make a living out of his rugs,
“I would really like to grow my craft over time and make a living out of this business.”