Theatre in Our Schools

As a sophomore student who is Vice President of her Theatre Troupe and has participated in almost every production at her school, I would like to bring attention to Theatre in Our Schools Month (TIOS). Theatre in Our Schools Month provides an opportunity for all of us here in Topeka–students, parents, school boards, and elected officials–the entire community–to become involved and familiarize themselves with the benefits of school theatre participation. TIOS is also timely in that its March celebration occurs the same month as Music in Our Schools and Youth Art Month.
From all of my experience here at Topeka high school I have gained so much knowledge, and learned truly how to be my best self. Theatre productions create experiences that allow students to discover their self-worth, and initiative. It requires collaboration and communication between a group of students, and it teaches self-confidence, responsibility, teamwork, team spirit and more. Theatre creates learning opportunities that benefits students for the rest of their lives.
I want to thank my directors and Theatre Troupe for all they have taught me in how to express leadership, critical thinking, and creativity in and out of the theater department. My experiences on and off stage at Topeka High School have impacted me and will benefit me whether I become a performer or not. So in honor of Theater in Our Schools Month (March), I want to say thank you to my theater Directors Derek Jensen, Amanda Burr, and Geoffrey Kaufman, and all my fellow Thespians in Troupe 210, what we did as together will be part of me for the rest of my life.
Join us to raise awareness of the benefits of theatre education. Together, we can call attention to the need for further access to theater education for all students. Lend a hand by sharing what theatre education teaches to your community, spread awareness to friends, family, social media followers, board of education, elected officials, and more.

Share your school theater thoughts with #TheatreInOurSchools.
Topeka High School, 2023, Vice President of Troupe 210