The Tower

Highlights of the School Year

Julia Howell, Online Editor

May 25, 2016


The past and future of tattoos

De'Aja Casteel, Reporter

May 19, 2016

Have you ever wondered how tattoos work? How the ink permanently stays onto your skin, why people say it hurts so bad? Well i’m going to put your mind at ease. Many people who get tattoos get them for sentimental value, remem...

Thespians announce new season

Thespians announce new season

Tom Teeter, Managing Editor

May 13, 2016

The loss of innocence

De'Aja Casteel, Reporter

May 13, 2016

Abortion is a topic that usually is uncomfortable to discuss. Most religions are against the thought, meanwhile the outcome of abortion. There are a handful of ways for abortion, there’s a abortion pill, suction aspiration, suct...

Presumptive nominee Trump means trouble ahead

Alex Carter, Managing Editor

May 5, 2016

For the first time in 75 years, a businessman with no prior political experience has virtually captured the nomination of a major national party. There is, however, a far greater significance to Trump's rise to power than his ...

Upperclassman Perspective

Ashley Yoder, Reporter

May 4, 2016

The school year is quickly coming to a close and it is almost time to say goodbye to the class of 2016. As a senior, one tends to look back on all of the good as well as the bad times in the Halls of Troy. The 2015-2016 school y...

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