Upperclassman Perspective

The school year is quickly coming to a close and it is almost time to say goodbye to the class of 2016. As a senior, one tends to look back on all of the good as well as the bad times in the Halls of Troy. The 2015-2016 school year has consisted of some incredible changes, and more changes are continuing to be made for the years to come.


Starting this year, every student received a Chromebook to enhance their learning experience in the classroom. While the beginning of the year was rough technologically, the Chromebooks have lasted well and proven to be a successful investment. Students can work on their assignments at home, even when they are sick. They receive assignment notifications from their school email, so if students are well enough they can work on their assignments at home or at least know where to look when they return to school.


Our sports teams once again fired up the student section by playing their hearts out. To support the team and increase school spirit, the student government created themes for almost every game. The themes seemed to increase student turn out, but caused a few problems. There were several instances where students shouted inappropriate chants to the opposing teams and laughing at players who had injured themselves. The behavior was uncalled for and shameful, upsetting a lot of parents and faculty. School spirit was great, but the horrible behavior ruined the experience.


Every year the new class shuffles their way into the halls as the new freshmen. Some may have noticed freshmen have a juvenile quality about them. Many have heard the horrible profanity and disrespect they spew out to others and their teachers. One might see this behavior and become concerned for the future. We can only hope their behavior changes and becomes less destructive.


A growing concern for the district right now is the budget. This year the schools have seen a large cut to their funds. The administration had to make several changes to their spending habits, some of these cuts were summer school being limited to credit recovery only, a limit of supplies such as printer ink, and withholding the purchasing of new textbooks. It is sad to see that the schools are not a top priority for our governor. If the budget is not increased by June 30 then all Kansas schools will be shut down until further notice. Hopefully the Kansas Legislature will gain some sense and fix this problem, because the schools cannot continue to properly function otherwise.


By April 1, all of the retiring staff had been announced. Dr. Linda Wiley, Steve Holloman Carol Connor, Anton Ahrens, Laura Alley, Larry Beuchat, Isabel Chase, and Jeri Miller are all leaving the halls of Troy with the class of 2016 and starting new chapters in their lives. Each will be missed but some will not be gone forever. The band room is in the process of being named as “The Steve Holloman Band Room” in recognition for his 38 years of service to this school.  Alumni started “The H Campaign” to raise money for the naming of the room. In addition to the band room dedication they raised $5,000 to fly Holloman and his wife to Orlando, Florida during spring break for the band trip. Sadly the band trip was canceled due to lack of interest, but Holloman and his family were still able to go. It is nice to see teachers who work so hard for their students being recognized. If only more students would show their appreciation for  teachers as the alumni have done for Holloman.


While it is nice to look at all of the great things that have happened at Topeka High, it is sad to know that the class of 2016 will be leaving. All of the teachers, pep assemblies, and spirit weeks will be missed, but there are some great changes being made in the Halls of Troy that make the future of this school a bright one.