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Old Yearbooks:

The yearbook as some old yearbooks available to be purchased. Not all years are available, and no yearbooks are available before 1987.

A list of previous yearbooks available and their prices can be found at:


Senior Pictures:

All senior pictures must be submitted by 3:00 p.m. on December 2, 2016.
Seniors who do not have a picture taken professional or turn in a picture by December 2 will have their Life Touch photo placed in the yearbook.

Senior picture information:


Senior Salute Ads:

Friends and family often purchase ads congratulation seniors on their accomplishments. It is a way to commemorate a senior’s high school graduation. Ads can be purchased in 1/16th of a page segments. Ads are printed in color and will appear in the back of the yearbook. There is LIMITED space available, so ads will be sold on a first come basis.
The final deadline to purchase a salute is December 2. Send in your form and payment to lock-in pricing. Then send your personal message and photos by December 2. The Sunflower staff will design the ad.

Senior salute ad rates:


Business Ad Rate Card:

The Topeka High School Sunflower Yearbook is a self-sufficient business. Business support allows the
Sunflower to produce an award winning yearbook year after year.
Become a part of the winning tradition and advertise with the yearbook. The final deadline to purchase a business ad is December 2.

Access rate card here:


Submit Photos:

Submit your photos to the Sunflower Yearbook @ 


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