Presumptive nominee Trump means trouble ahead

For the first time in 75 years, a businessman with no prior political experience has virtually captured the nomination of a major national party. There is, however, a far greater significance to Trump’s rise to power than his business background; he is the most unconventional figure either party has put forward in modern times.

While he will enter a general election as an underdog, chances are not insignificant that he could actually win the White House, entrusted with the most important and powerful office in a fractured world.

In the coming months, American voters, need to do some serious sorting out of both his strengths and his weaknesses. Because the truth is that as much as Trump has dominated the airwaves, we still don’t know the man anywhere near as well as we should.

Trump has climbed his way to the top by appealing to the disenfranchised American who feels like politicians are part of the problem. Trump claims political correctness has run amuck in this country and he vows to restore it to its former glory, and yet continues to be vague in his answers while also flip-flopping over major issues which need to be addressed.

The onus is now on the American people to decide what is to come for the future of this country and we should take it more seriously than the Republican nominee has to this point.