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Review of ‘Get Out’

Chris Gernon, Reporter

March 16

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With over 100 million box office revenue and a whopping 99% on rotten Tomatoes, everybody is talking about the recent movie Get Out.  The film, directed by Jordan Peele, is a satirical social commentary on the status of race relations in th...

Compton rapper YG to headline show at Granada.

Shi'erra Lolar, Yearbook,staff member

November 4

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California born rapper named, Keenon Jackson best known as “YG” will be headlining a tour that includes himself, Kamaiyah, Sad Boy, and RJ. The tour is called “The Forget Donald Trump Tour." The concert will be on No...

Chance the Rapper comes to KC

Chance the Rapper comes to KC

Jayce Mroz, Yearbook staff member

September 21

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Top 5 Things YOU need to do in the Battlefield 1 Beta

Noah Bailey, Co-Editor of the Sunflower Yearbook

September 6

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Battlefield 1 developed by Electronic Arts and DICE takes place in a First World War setting, a new period for the franchise. A preview of the game was released for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC. Here are 5 things YOU need to...

Thespians announce new season

Thespians announce new season

Tom Teeter, Managing Editor

May 13

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