Topeka High awarded 2021 Arty Award


Josh Davis, one of Topeka High’s digital photography teachers, received one of the 2021 Arty Awards on behalf of Topeka High school for community arts. The Arty is an award that is presented to community artists in all of the art areas which include visual, theatre, music, and writing. The Arty Award is a yearly event, and the awards given are made uniquely by local artists in the community. Topeka High was recognized for educating students in the community for 150 years in visual, musical, and theatrical arts.

The 2021 Arty Awards were held on October 7th this year at Redbud Park. Jennifer Antonetti was with Davis when receiving the award.

“It was obviously an honor,” Davis said, “but it is also humbling because I’ve been here for 10 years but Topeka high has been involved for 150 years, so out of 15 decades I’ve gotten to be a part of it for at least a decade.”

The award was recently delivered. It’s in the Topeka High office, where they are looking for a place to put it where all three departments can show it off and be proud of it.