Making Gains in the Stock Market Game

Henry Herreman, Reporter

The stock market game is a simulation of the global capital markets that engage kids in economics, personal finance, and investing. It was created in 1977 and is offered in all 50 states. The current game started on the Tuesday after Labor day and will last until December 10.

When the game starts, each team member is given $100,000 of investment play money to use with the simulated stock market.

Mark Dietzler, the advisor of Topeka High’s stock market team, started playing the game in the late 70s, when he was in high school. He bought and sold stocks, bonds, and mutual funds by looking at daily prices in the newspaper and in libraries. Now, however, trading is done online in real time. Dietzler teaches his students about research strategies and investment techniques and the students independently research and invest.

Jordan Vega (11) is ranked #1 in both the schools own ranking and the state and location ranking in the stock market game. His father is a stock broker, which led Vega to give the stock market game a try and try and learn about investing.

“It’s just crazy to think about. You know, there’s people that do this for a living that have gone to college and stuff like that to learn about this stuff and I’m doing better than them. But, I also have a really good teacher helping me out, so that helps.” says Vega.

Students who win the stock market game or are in the top 10 teams will receive prizes, such as a device charger, backpack, or water bottle. Most importantly, however, they can put this achievement into their portfolio as they apply for scholarships and or college admission.

The big takeaway, according to Dietzler, is financial literacy. “Realistically, by starting investing now, you could become a millionaire or multi millionaire before the age of 35.”


Jordan Vega, #1 in the state and location ranking in the stock market game. (Henry Herreman)