S.T.E.M. Club Takes To The Sky

Ricardo Montalvo, Reporter

Over the last few months, students of the Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) club, began working on their model rockets. Every week they would come after school to room 302 and assemble them from scratch and even customize it by adding unique artwork. The club does not have centralized leadership, members are encouraged to propose an idea and take the lead of it.

The rockets were fairly easy to build, all had instructions and with the guidance from Mr.Thompson, the sponsor of the club, he would assist in assuring the rockets are made correctly.

Junior Jonathan Figuroa said “It wasn’t that difficult because we had instructions in the box, we also had Mr. (Josh) Thomason and he knew a lot about building these rockets because he built them as a kid”

When asked how he felt after finally launching the rockets, junior Jose Garcia-Retana said, “I felt good since we worked on the rockets for a couple of months and it was interesting seeing the rockets go up in the sky.”