Adrian Casadevall visits the Halls of Troy


Adrian Casadevall (right) “whipping” on Burnett’s Mound in Topeka. (Photo courtesy of Adrian Casadevall.)

It is uncommon for foreign exchange students to return to their American high schools after they go back to their home country. However, Adrian Casadevall, who is from Germany, was back in the Halls of Troy on Monday, March 8.


“Last year after like a month when I went back [to Germany] I was like okay, I have to go back [to America], but it didn’t work out to come for fall vacation so I came for spring,” Casadevall said.


During his time here, Casadevall made many lasting relationships, so he wanted to come back and visit his friends.


“Today I was just planning on meeting all the friends, and then I was just hoping over spring break that somebody hits me up and comes to my house and we can hang,” Casadevall said.


Casadevall fell in love with Topeka High when he was in the U.S. for 10.5 months last year. He was even on the Topeka High football team in the fall of 2014.
“I just love the school spirit and the teacher-student relationships, it’s way more chill here then it is in Germany, and I just love that,” Casadevall said.