Debaters Win Big in Wichita

Isaach Johnson and Benjy Zhang, seniors, had a very successful weekend in Wichita. Zhang became the first qualified individual for the Debate Coaches Invitational tournament, a high level tournament where the best of the best compete, since 2012.

“Benjy and I were undefeated going into elimination rounds and we ended the tournament 6-1,” Johnson said. “It was a DCI (varsity) tournament, so that’s how Benjy was able to qualify for the Debate Coaches Invitational.”

Debaters have been working hard all year to prepare for the numerous tournaments they attend. Johnson and Zhang are not the first debaters this year to have success at high level tournaments. Other strong members of the team include Kalese Warfield and Toma Dimitriu, seniors.

“It was a great weekend in Wichita,” Johnson said. “It was pretty iconic.”


Johnson and Zhang show off their trophy outside of Maize High School.