Jade Ramirez-Jennings’ AFS Presentation

Jaide Ramirez-Jennings (right) and Tori Vaughn (left), juniors, posing with two girls they met on their trip.

Photo courtesy of Jaide Ramirez-Jennings

Jaide Ramirez-Jennings (right) and Tori Vaughn (left), juniors, posing with two girls they met on their trip.

Justase Young , Reporter

Last Wednesday AFS Club welcomed Jade Ramirez-Jennings, junior, to give a guest presentation about her summer trip to San Marcos, Santa Barbara, Honduras.

“We went to Honduras to do lots of street and school ministry with young children,”

Ramirez-Jennings’ went to Honduras for two weeks in July the summer of 2015. The group she went with is called NOMAOG which is tied to the Summer Camp Ramirez-Jennings’ church attends.

Ramirez-Jennings had almost no prior knowledge about Honduras before traveling there.

I really haven’t heard much or actually anything about the country,” Ramirez-Jennings said. “When I decided to go I looked on Pinterest and what not but I really didn’t know what we would face!”

The U.S. Department of state issued a travel warning on Honduras in March of 2015, a mere four months before Ramirez-Jennings’ mission trip.

“When I committed to the trip I had no idea about the violence or travel warnings but I wouldn’t have changed my decision to go,” Ramirez-Jennings said. “It was a calling from God and so it was part of his plan! As long as I trusted him it would all work out and it did.”

During her trip Ramirez-Jennings had many good experiences, but her favorite was one involving two little girls, and a cup of water.

“Wow, I had so many amazing moments but one I’ll always remember was when it was on of the hottest days. The pastor was coming around giving the American water and I saw a little girl about 6 and her baby sister about 2,” Ramirez-Jennings said. “She was looking for water so I went up to them a gave her mine.She went to give it back and I told her she could keep it. She was overwhelmed yet so thankful.”

It was special moments like these that Ramirez-Jennings shared with students that attended her AFS presentation.

“I wanted to give a presentation so I can share how incredible our trip was and the experience,” Ramirez-Jennings said. “Also to be able to let students see how different yet amazing our life is.”

Every year NOMAOG goes on different mission trips to spread their Christian message.

“They do a missions trip about every summer, however the place does change, as for example this summer they are going to Ireland,” Ramirez-Jennings said.