Trojan Basketball gets two wins over district rival West


Both women’s and men’s basketball found success last night, each tacking on another win to their season’s record.


The Lady Trojans beat the Lady Chargers 65-45 in the first contest of the night. After a close first half, the Trojans went into the locker room with a 22-17 lead. They came back out and found their success through Erica Birch, who had 22 points on the night and helped the Trojans to a victory.


“My teammates [allowed me to be successful],” Birch, junior, said. “They just moved the ball well and found me a lot. It was a team effort and that’s what I like to see.”


The second contest of the night was a much tighter one. Both teams took this game down to the wire, but the Trojans pulled it out in the end, winning 71-68.


“It was important to focus on the task at hand,” T.C. Scott, senior, said. “We have shooters everywhere. We have shooters off the bench, in the starting lineup, we just have to get them gelling and once we do that, the points will come whenever they come.”


Scott, a former Charger, was the Trojans’ leading scorer with 31 points against his old team.


“It was a hell of a feeling [to play my old teammates], I’ll tell you that much, but what felt even better was to get the win,” Scott said. “And to get it as a team feels even better.”


While Scott was a key facet of this team’s victory, this win came down to the Trojans’ defensive play.


“In the first half, we let up way too many points around the bucket,” Mario King, senior, said. “In the second half, we came out looking good. We went into a press and got a couple turnovers we needed.”


One of the Trojan’s objectives tonight was to stop Jordan Newby, a key player for the Chargers.


“The objective tonight was really to stop Jordan and it looks like we stopped him enough to get the W,” said King.


The Trojans play again this Friday at Hayden High School, with the Lady Trojans tipping off at 6:15 p.m. and the men’s squad tipping off at 7:45 p.m.