Trump: All Money, No Agenda


Isabelle Smallback

David Brennan, Reporter

Billionaire business man Donald Trump has stirred up quite a scene since he threw his hat in the ring for president. His derogatory comments on women and immigrants have drawn much attention to his campaign.


Trump’s statements get him more news coverage to help fill his incredibly large ego. His “Make America Great Again” speeches get a crowd of people riled up, but he backs his ideas up with little or no plans on how to fix the problems. He leads the polls due to his name recognition and his shock value remarks. Trump is nothing more than a know-it-all sensation who, without detail, will die out before the primary ends.  The comments he has made about women are uncalled for and the offensive remarks he has made about Mexicans demonstrate he is unfit to be the leader of our nation.


Trump has made many abhorrent comments on women throughout his career and most recently, his presidential campaign and in his whole career. After being upset with the way Megyn Kelly moderated the first republican presidential debate, he went on a rant about her on Twitter and then popularized a tweet referring to her as a “bimbo”. He has also been quoted on insulting the looks of presidential adversary Carly Fiorina.

He states, “Would anyone vote for that? Can you imagine that, the face of our next president. I mean she is a woman, and I’m not supposed to say bad things, but really, folks, come on. Are we serious?”


The comments he has made about women convey his sophomoric personality and should put into question his ability to be in charge of anything, let alone the United States.


His plan to build a border between Mexico and the United States and deport 11 million immigrants currently living in the country is ludicrous. He lists many ways on how to fix the problem, but does not say the price it would cost. He would violate the 14th amendment with his plan to deport American born citizens whose parents were born in Mexico. According to the American Action Forum (AFF), the plan to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants would cost the economy between $400 and $600 billion dollars over twenty years (which does not include the cost of enforcement to prevent return, which according to AFF is another 300 billion) and the National Journal estimates the wall to cost around $6.4 billion dollars.


The deportation of the 11 million illegal immigrants would cause even more problems to the economy then it would solve. According to the New York Times, Chief actuary for the Social Security Administration, Stephen Goss, said illegal immigrants contribute about $15 billion to Social Security through payroll taxes a year. The AFF also states the major deportation would shrink U.S. workers by 6.4 percent and would lose $1.6 trillion dollars in spending, wages, and other economic activities over the next 20 years. His idea would completely devastate the economy especially in the construction, retail, hospitality, and agriculture sectors.


Trump’s ideas on foreign policy would cause many problems worldwide. His first idea of putting large tariffs on China and Mexico would cause problems for American exports, cost a great deal of American jobs, and raise the price of basic goods because it will lead to a trade war. His plans for the Islamic State would lead to even more problems.


He is stated as saying, “I’d bomb the hell out of the oil fields. I’d then get Exxon, I’d then get these great oil companies to go in — they would rebuild them so fast your head will spin.”


This plan would help create new recruits as well as support and funding for the Islamic terrorist groups and would likely lead to a strong offensive against our country.


His campaign is based upon xenophobia in order to strike fear amongst the American people.  He taps into the anger of many Americans sick of Washington and the politicians in it. He is able to gain support from a group of people, but has no content to his ideas. The ideas he does have plans for would throw America into even greater problems. Donald Trump is seen more as entertainment for the 2016 GOP election and  will be irrelevant by the time next November rolls around.