AFS Club’s first meeting of the year

AFS Clubs first meeting of the year

Justase Young, Writer

AFS, American Field Service, Club had their first official meeting Wednesday. Club officers began with introducing themselves, then talked about upcoming events and followed with their first game.

“I was surprised at the support by the student body,” Jake Kinsch, secretary, said. “More people showed up than I expected, and I believe we can maintain the same amount of attendance for the rest of the year”

The first game played also doubled as their introduction of the exchange students. Kinsch read off a fact about each of the exchange students and club members had to guess which student the fact was about.

“[The game]was good,” Atahan Akar, exchange student from Turkey, said. “[I didn’t think anyone would guess my fact] because they can’t know that,”

The club then took their meeting out into the hallway and played an icebreaker game called the “human knot” game.

“The human knot game is where everyone stands in a circle and grabs random people’s hands to get all tangled up,” Daniel Xidis, club vice-president, said. “Then they try to untangle themselves without letting go of anyone’s hands.”

After the human knot game, they went outside to enjoy the weather and play two more games. The second game played was called the human cinnamon roll.


A game in which the club members lined up and linked their arms, then the end of the line rolled inward to create a human cinnamon roll. One of the officers then picked someone to unravel the roll while everyone in the roll followed, keeping their arms linked.

“[The games] are funny, we have lots of fun and I love going to AFS Club,” Elena Almoguera Rodriguez, exchange student from Spain, said.

The club’s last game was called Birdie on a perch.

“Birdie on a perch is a game where there’s an inner and outer circle walking in opposite directions while music is playing.” Xidis said. “The music will stop and everybody will try to find someone from the other circle and get one of the two people off of the ground. The pair to get someone off the ground last is out and this continues until there is two people left.”

The club will be participating in clash of the clubs this week as well as have a booth at the club carnival. Upcoming events include a welcome picnic at the lake for exchange students as well as new members on August 29.

“A few upcoming events were doing this year in AFS club I’m excited about include the first football game I’ll get to spend with the foreign exchange students,” Zyrie Berry, club treasurer, said. “[as well as] the corn maze we’ll get to wander through around halloween, also just getting to spend time with them every Wednesday at our meetings.”