Trojan Profile: Adrian Castevall

In August, Adrian Castevall, junior, started his first day in an American high school unaware of what it would be like to be an exchange student. Now as the year comes to a close Casadevall reflects on his time at Topeka High.


“I had no clue what it would be, I expected to play football but that is it,” Casadevall said.


Casadevall enjoys playing sports here because of the spirit and enthusiasm put into every player and game.


“[Sports are] so great, it is so hyped.  America is way more into sports. The teachers build you up, it is great I wish it is the same in Germany,” Casadevall said.


He is grateful to have helpful teachers and is going to miss them when he leaves. In Germany teachers aren’t as supportive when assisting with problems that students might have.


“I already asked three [teachers] to come back with me to Germany. They help you when you have problems,” Casadevall said.


For Casadevall their German food reigns far superior to ours, although he does enjoy Mexican food.


“You can eat it, it doesn’t taste bad, but if you ever eat real German food or chocolate nothing is better,” Casadevall said.  “I love Mexican.”


The last thing Casadevall wants to do during his time here is to enjoy the Fourth of July, but wants to put off saying his final goodbyes.


“I requested staying longer for the Fourth of July, so that is the last thing I want to do,” Casadevall said.  “You guys are great, best year of my life, and I am coming back.”