Seniors think back on high school career

Justase Young, Reporter

A bittersweet excitement filled the air as the graduating class of 2015 said their goodbyes on their final day of high school. As they take a new and exciting step toward their goals the seniors will always remember their high school experiences. Before they left however, a few seniors wanted to offer up some advice for those of us still in high school.


“I’d say i’m just ready to move on and start a new chapter in my life,”Molly Miller said.


Whitney Holloman, second in her graduating class, ended her high school career with a 4.0 GPA and will be playing tennis at Washburn University next fall while earning her degree in Math.


“I think success is finding something you’re passionate about and pursuing it,” Holloman said.


Holloman credits her teachers, family, and friends for much of her success.


“My mom and dad they keep on my toes and on the right path and I don’t think I would’ve been able to stay as focused as I did without them,” Holloman said. “I really think it’s a strong support system that makes a well rounded student.”


Sam Goodwin plans to pursue a degree in physical therapy at Johnson community college next fall.


“My goals are to be successful, meet new people, and take opportunities,” Goodwin said. “to be wealthy too, I want to be rich.”


As a whole Goodwin is satisfied with his high school career but wishes he’d taken more opportunities and participated in more school activities. Goodwin advises to open up and meet new people.


“High school has opened me up and made me aware that you need to assess the opportunities you can take,” Goodwin said. “Meeting new people and making new friends definitely opens up a lot of opportunities for you.”


After high school Molly Miller plans to attend the University of Kansas and major in biology and eventually go Pre-Med.


“I define success as being able to enjoy your career,” Miller said. “like that cliche quote, you’ll never work a day if you do what you love, that’s completely what success means to me.”


Miller credits her friends as her main motivators and supporters.


“I’ve had major ups and downs in highschool but my friends [have] always kept me going, I’ve always had a really strong group of friends,” Miller


Miller advised to stay persistent in school and continue to focus on school work.
“At the end of your four years you’ll really regret it if you slack and also participate in anything you want to do. Just have no regrets.” Miller said.