Sex offender found in school

As of recent, a homeless sex offender has entered the school three separate times and arrested twice.


“He is a homeless individual who keeps migrating here.  The problem is students keep letting him in,” Officer Tremblay said.


To prevent these problems, officers are suggesting that students and staff not open doors for strangers.


“I understand we have all been taught to be polite, but this is our school.  Would you open the door to your home to somebody you don’t know.  That is what we would ask of everybody here too, if you don’t know who it is don’t open the door,” Officer Tremblay said.


If somebody follows you in or you see a suspicious person report it to the office.


“If they don’t look right your intuition is probably right.  Go tell the office or somebody or come tell us but don’t let him in.  It is the same for students, if you don’t know them, don’t let them in.  If you don’t know there name or have a class with them, don’t let them in,” Officer Tremblay said.


Student Resource Officers (SRO) are doing what they can, but still need help from the students to make sure that nothing goes unchecked.


“We are constantly maintaining the school system, one of us is usually watching cameras at any given time,  we also rely on the students and staff to tell us if anything doesn’t look right,” Officer Tremblay said.