World Champs

After the Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl on Sunday February 12 against the Philadelphia Eagles. The score was 38-35 The parade was scheduled for the next Wednesday it would start around 6th St and Grand Blvd in Kansas City.

A few students from THS went to the parade and this is what they had to say “I was there at 10am and stayed until the end of the parade.” Ricki Long (11) “I got a hug from (L’Jarius) Sneed”

At one point, Quarterback Patrick Mahomes got off the bus and started hugging fans and even signed a replica trophy. He gave out high fives like other players did. The celebration could be heard from almost 4 blocks away. Fans screamed and hollared to their favorite players.

Some people arrived hours before the parade started. The weather was expected to be in the high 30’s to high 40’s. However, according to the wind that day the temperature felt more like the low to mid 20’s. Most people were in heavy coats and jackets but some brave fans were in chiefs jerseys and or shirts.

At the start, They played multiple songs and flew a banner saying “Congrats chiefs fans” then a C-130 flew over and over eight buses followed trucks and other buses down the parade. Players would go on and off the buses giving handshakes to the crowd. After a while they would go back inside and warm up.

The parade lasted around an hour, Mahomes spoke for a while after he spoke, He handed the mic over to other players like Travis Kelce tight end. Also spoke before handing it off.