Dia De Los Muertos


Dia de los muertos/Day of the dead is a traditional Mexican holiday. It is celebrated on November 1st and 2nd.  November 1st is the day to honor children and saints. November 2nd is to honor all of the dead.

Traditionally, families decorate their loved one’s graves before November. Graves are decorated with marigold flowers, candles, and their loved one’s favorite food or drink. On the 2nd, families gather around the graves to celebrate the life of their deceased.

Ofrendas are set up in homes for the dead. An Ofrenda is an altar filled with offerings. Ofrendas have portraits, marigold flowers, salt, food, water, candles, and a few decorations such as papel picado, and sugar skulls. Many place their loved one’s favorite belongings, beverages, and food on the altar for the dead to enjoy.

Day of the dead is the day for those who are living to continue living while feeling close to those they have lost.  It is the day to celebrate the living and the dead.