Debate Students Earn First Win in Two Years

Annabel Hall, Reporter

After Covid put a pause on debate, Kris Comahig and Emma Paul took a 5-0 win at the Seaman Tournament. They were undefeated and earned a third place sweepstakes award.
Kris Comahig (12) has been doing debate for roughly four years.
“Honestly it really feels like I am in my second year because I wasn’t able to do much through Covid,” he said. Comahig joined the debate team because he was interested in studying all the logical arguments and reading about the topic they would eventually discuss.Comahig prepared for the debate by studying up on the materials and tried to not be too anxious about it. Comahig is proud to have won after not being able to participate due to Covid.
“I haven’t been able to have many wins these past two years but winning 5-0 and sweeping the tournament felt really good.”
Emma Paul (12) has also been doing debate for four years. Paul prepared for the debate by practicing speeches they already had, practicing with other students, and reviewing all of the evidence they had for the tournament. Paul joined debate because of her ability to argue.
“Everyone in my family always says I argue too much so they thought doing debate in school would stop me from arguing with people outside of school, that didn’t happen, but now I am really good at debate.” After winning, Paul was genuinely shocked that it happened.
“Honestly I thought I completely fumbled the last round but at least it’s over, then they announced we won and we just couldn’t believe it.”