Homecoming Royalty: What Made You Want to Run?

2022 Homecoming candidates expressed why they wanted to run for Homecoming king & queen this year. Jaxon Johnson and Marilena Zuniga were crowned at the Homecoming game on September 23.

Marelle Yates: “Cierra [Carranza]  strongly encouraged me.”

Cierra Carranza: “My mom and my sister were both in royalty courts.”

Camryn Groves: “The cheerleaders gave me the encouragement to do it.”

Jeovany Gonazalez: “I just wanted to.”

Jaxon Johnson: “Just seeing people every year during Homecoming, it was such a fun thing and I felt like it would be cool to be someone people could look up to.”

Marilena Zuniga: “I just thought it would be a really cool experience and I get to ride in a cool car.”

Tomaro James: “When I was a kid I saw my cousin win and it was really cool to see that happen and it just inspired me.”

Annabel Hall: “I ran because me and Aidan have been besties since Kindergarten and it’s been our dream to do that. Besties 4 the resties.”

Aidan Miller: “It’s always been a dream of mine.”