Devious Licks Causes Vandalism


A missing mirror from the mens restroom on the first floor.

The Devious Licks challenge from Tik Tok was carried into the restrooms at Topeka High School. This challenge encourages students to destroy and vandalize the public restrooms at school. Over the course of a few weeks in early September, both men’s and women’s restrooms were targeted. Students tore down mirrors and soap dispensers pulled an electric hand-dryer from the wall and destroyed a toilet seat.

Their actions were filmed and posted on social media sites. This caused other students to participate in the challenge. Initially, the damage was limited to just the boys restrooms, but the girls restroom and even a division bathroom were later targeted and damaged.
The vandalism caused the school to shut down the public restrooms and create a policy for the students.

THS new restroom policy allowed students back into the restrooms under restrictions and rules including monitored restrooms with less privacy and closed restrooms that are only open during passing periods and during lunch periods.

Principal Rebecca Morrisey spoke out positively towards the student body and the restroom policy. “It felt to me like they understood that my decision was to protect the bathrooms, our school, and our reputation. They were mad at the right person which shows a maturity that you don’t find in every high school. It’s what I love about this place.”
Students are speaking out against the vandalism.
Jacen Thompson (10) did not think the challenge was funny and said, “Personally, I don’t like them because in the end they’re making innocent people suffer.”

When the devious licks challenge came to Topeka High school some students were unaware of what was happening. Other students weren’t bothered by the damages. Damien Middleton (12) said, “I noticed a lot of people didn’t care, they were rolling their eyes and not caring”. He also said, “I thought it was funny and I still have division restroom access.”
Students’ actions have also caused severe consequences and debt for themselves. “The students responsible have shown ownership and are responsible for the cost,” said Assistant Principal Paula Reilly.