Death Trap

Myra Bruhl’s final breath after having her heart attack, brought on by the horrific actions of her husband.

Clifford Anderson’s last attempt at fighting off Sydney Bruhl.

Sydney Bruhl laying dead after a fateful fight with Clifford Anderson.

Porter Milgrim attentively listening to Sydney talk about his newest idea for a play he is writing.

Helga Ten Dorp explaining her psychic visions, and trying to warn the men about what is coming.

Myra worrying about her husbands intentions while pouring herself a drink.

Sydney and Clifford’s baffled expressions after Myra nervously explains her opinion on the play Clifford’s writing.

Myra trying to follow along with her husbands outlandish ideas.

Sydney reading Cliffords new play, realizing Clifford has betrayed him.

Helga trying to hear a conversation between Myra and Sydney.

Sydney trying to discreetly undo the handcuffs Clifford trapped him in.

Sydney lunging towards Clifford, in an attempt to kill him.