West End Obsessions- Musicals Fans are Missing Out On


Musical theater fans– you may be missing out on a whole slew of incredible content from across the pond. Fresh from London, here are three West End shows to obsess over.

First up, Heathers the Musical. It had an off-Broadway run here in the states, but it figures that the show based on the American movie classic would finally hit the big time in England. This musical adds new songs to the soundtrack, including one for the formerly songless character Heather Duke. This production also replaces “Blue” from the original with the high school edition’s “You’re Welcome.” There are some real standout performances here, and the songs and 80’s flair you love from the original are still there, and then some. However, some argue that the translation from actual American high school to a movie to a musical to a British musical has watered it down and made it less relatable, but that’s true of most teen-targeted media, so it’s not a huge issue.

Then we have Six, an English original about the many ex-wives of Henry VIII (can you guess how many there are?). In this show, all the wives are alive and are now a pop group. Hamilton fans might be particularly keen on Six, but make no mistake– this show is very, very different. Essentially, each wife is given a song to tell her story, with the others providing backup vocals and commentary. It’s less concerned with an overarching story, allowing them to get away with taking fewer artistic liberties for entertainment, aside from them all having their heads attached. It’s also full of fun details, like an electro-remix of “Greensleeves”, frequent jabs at Henry’s appearance, and clear references to current pop icons. It doesn’t feel quite as smart as it could have, but nonetheless, the soundtrack is full of ear-wormy tunes sure to get you pumped.

Everybody’s Talking About Jamie is another pop musical, but its story packs a much larger emotional punch. Based off a true story, it follows the story of 16-year-old Jamie as he struggles with his identity in an unapproving world. Straight from the opening song the music is high-energy, whether that energy is happy or sad. Josie Walker as Jamie’s mother gives a dedicated and heartbreaking performance, especially in “He’s My Boy.”  But despite the moments of sadness and seriousness, the musical will leave you feeling good and with a dozen more songs to belt in the shower.