Photography Tips and Places to Take Photos Around Topeka

Flowers blooming in the gardens surrounding Lake Shawnee.

With winter behind us and spring in full bloom, it is optimal time to go outside and take some photos. At Topeka High, we have a large population of students who are interested in photography, as proven by the abundant amount of students who enroll in Digital Photography each semester. So to give you an idea of where to test your photographic skills, here are some great tips and places to shoot from around Topeka.

Tips from the digital photography teacher, Mr. Josh Davis:

Always make sure your equipment is ready (Charged & cleaned).

Take care of your equipment and have the gear to protect it – Camera bag, lens filter (protect lens) hood lens, etc.

Have a backup battery & make sure your memory card is formatted or clear enough to take enough photos.

Get to know your camera – DON’T shoot on Auto. That puts the camera in charge, not the photographer.

Use your viewfinder- Better for composition purposes.

Back up, back up, back up, your photos. Have them downloaded in a safe spot and have backups for backups.

Make sure you start off with learning the basics and work on true angles with strong compositions.

Forget the rules, have fun, find your zone and capture the world as you see it.

Davis also said that where you decide to take photos depends on the subject matter you are trying to capture in your images. Places he recommended include Lake Shawnee, Gage Park, downtown Topeka, and NOTO Arts District.

Personally, Ty Zirkle, sophomore and avid photographer, enjoys taking photos along trails and inside abandoned buildings. Zirkle also enjoys taking photos in alleyways because they are “nice to shoot because there is an edgy type of feel for it.”

If you’re interested in taking photos in alleyways or of edgy buildings, Zirkle recommends “downtown alleyways since they are working buildings… it shows character.”


Photos taken by Kelm Lear