18 Dreamcatchers and Counting

Junior Itzel Sanchez has 18 dreamcatchers, and zero bad dreams.


Junior Itzel Sanchez has 18 dreamcatchers, and zero bad dreams.

Sanchez has been collecting dreamcatchers for four years. “I love how they look, and they make me feel really rooted and safe. I used to have a lot of bad dreams, but now I don’t, so I guess they work.” She laughs.

Sanchez expressed that her fascination began when her friend, senior Oliver Gregory, had made her one. “My friends Oliver means a lot to me, and they [the dreamcatchers] just remind me of her. Seeing them, I know I’m loved.”

Gregory used to make dream catchers frequently as a hobby, which then evolved into personalized gifts for her group of friends. “Itzel is an amazing friend and although I don’t tell her enough, she means so much to me,” Gregory said. “I think ultimately the dream catcher stands for every once of gratitude I have for her.”

“You definitely don’t see dreamcatchers anywhere but Spencer’s.” Sanchez said. “But I typically go for ones that are more authentic and real.” She describes having received dreamcatchers  from her cousin that were made by a Native American woman. “I like those more. They’re really hard to find–but I like ones in the store too.”

“I really believe that what you put out into the universe always comes back to you,” Sanchez said. “I’m really interested in Native American culture because I kinda resonate with it. Aztecs were kind of considered Native Americans and Mexicans originate from them. I really resonate with what they believe.”

Sanchez says that she has no favorite dreamcatcher as of now, and that she loves all of them in their own ways. Her collection is displayed festooned on her bedroom wall—and it’s still growing.