NFL MVP Race: Patrick Mahomes vs Drew Brees, or Aaron Donald?

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With the end of the NFL season growing nearer and nearer, the MVP race has narrowed to three key players. Patrick Mahomes has lead the Chiefs to a 11-2 season so far, and has looked like the clear front runner the last couple weeks. Drew Brees, the 39 year old star seems to be having one of his best seasons. While sack leader Aaron Donald has been on the outside looking in for the whole season. I’ll compare these three and give my pick for MVP.

Case for Aaron Donald:

Aaron Donald is a huge longshot for MVP if he can’t do one things; break the single season sack record. Donald has a chance to do it. He’s currently sitting at 16.5 sacks on the season with three games to go, he would need to record at least two sacks a game to do it, but with the kind of production he’s had this season, it is in so certainty that he wouldn’t be able to accomplish it. Donald has a case even without the record. He leads the league in sacks, along with 20 tackles for loss, four forced fumbles, and 44 tackles. Although without the record, he most likely won’t have much of a chance.

Case for Drew Brees:

Brees seemed to be the frontrunner for most of the midseason. He had the Saints on a 10 game win streak. Before Dallas, he had 29 touchdowns and only two interceptions, along with only two games with a sub 100 QBR. Then, Dallas happened. Brees only had 127 yards with only one touchdown and an interception. This unusual production continued last week, with only 207 along with the touchdown and an interception. Brees is easily still in the conversation. One bad game from Mahomes and a stunning performance from Brees and he’ll probably be labeled as the front runner once again.

Case for Patrick Mahomes:

It’s hard to know where to start with Mahomes. In only two years, he’s invented a new style of Quarterback. Not even going off of his stats, Mahomes has revolutionized Kansas City’s offensive. Instead of the usual Andy Reid QB with checkdowns and no big chances, Mahomes has the gunslinger mentality with the ability to escape and make something out of nothing. Going to his stats though Mahomes leads the league in pass yards and touchdowns, and even has a chance to break the single season touchdown record. His QBR hasn’t been as good as Brees, but the MVP is not all about stats. Mahomes has brought a culture to the position. From his left handed pass, to his no looker, to ridiculous arm strength. After leading a huge game tying drive against the Ravens with two fourth down conversations, Mahomes showed his grit after getting hit 15 times and getting pressured all day. At this rate Mahomes has to be the front runner with the way he has taken over the league.

My Prediction: Patty Mahomes takes the cake

At this rate in time I just can’t see Brees catching up to Mahomes in any way shape or form. Mahomes has been unstoppable lately, and if the statistically best defense in the league can’t slow him down significantly, I just can’t see anybody else stopping him and the Chiefs offense. All I will say though is that you can never count Drew Brees, and maybe even Aaron Donald.