Trojan Profile: Luca Guarnier


Justase Young, Reporter

Luca Guarnier, from Brazil like many others before him decided to become an exchange student to improve his english and experience a new culture.

“Almost everything[is different] here I have seven classes, in Brazil I only have one” Guarnier said “the sports,here]you can play for your school, it’s different but I like it,”  

Guarnier has only ventured outside of his home country once before his exchange year, which was also his first trip to America.

“Last year I went to California with my parents only for vacation,” Guarnier said

Although there are few notable differences between American and Brazilian fast food. The native cuisine of Brazil differs greatly.

“ Brazilian food is more saucy, I like American food but I think I prefer Brazilian food,” Guarnier said “[my favorite American food are] meats, like burgers,”

Being in a new place can be challenging for anyone, whether you speak the native language or not, however Guarnier keeps a good attitude about all of the changes and is adjusting well.  

“The life in Brazil is a little different[than it is in the U.S. but] the most difficult thing is of course the language, but i’m learning,” Guarnier said “it’s different here, but I like it.”