Trojan Profiles: Atahan Akar


Justase Young, Reporter

Atahan Akar has found more than one difference between his school back home in Turkey and Topeka High so far. For example students at Akar’s school stay in the same classes all day and have to wear uniforms.

“No, I don’t like uniforms,” Akar said.

Akar is very active and plays numerous sports back home in Turkey. Due to Akar’s love for sports, his favorite class here so far is P.E.

“[I like P.E.] because I like physical education,” Akar said.

This is Akar’s third time in the U.S., the first two were for short vacations with his family. Akar’s visits took him all over the U.S. where he got to see numerous states and cool sites all around the country.

“Orlando and North Carolina,” Akar said “actually when I was in North Carolina I went to New York, New Jersey, and Washington D.C.”

Akar has already adjusted to life in the U.S. and talks to his family back in Turkey every now and then.

“I don’t miss them,” Akar said. “I miss my brother and sister but I don’t miss my parents,”

Akar’s family and friends supported his decision to come to the U.S. even though it meant not seeing him for a year.

“[My family]were excited and said it’d be a good opportunity for me to come here,” Akar said “my friends were upset, and a little sad.”

Back home in Turkey Akar plays a variety of sports and intends to do the same here.

“[I’m going to play]basketball, soccer, and volleyball,” Akar said.

American food has made quite the impression on Akar and he really enjoys the local cuisine.

“American food is delicious but it has a lot of fat,” Akar said.