Mid-Year Graduation 2021

Topeka High School held a mid-year graduation ceremony for 73 students on February 10 despite COVID-19 restrictions. Spaced out seating, three separate groups, and hand sanitizer in between the diploma exchange allowed for this well-awaited milestone. For students all across the country, this school year has been anything but normal; this is what led most students to ending their high school career a few weeks earlier than the rest.

Cindy Vigil-Lopez leads the final group of mid-year graduates in their final singing of the school song.
Tru James demonstrates his passion towards the Black Lives Matter movement while receiving his diploma.
Ms. Rebecca Morrisey makes opening remarks for the mid-year graduates of 2021.
Dyaire Chapman patiently waits while listening to the opening remarks of our Principal Rebecca Morrisey.
Marleny Galvan Retana, Sephra Caballero, Tessaira Evans, Marisabel Munoz, Andrew Anderson, and Kenade Wilkerson posing for a picture after becoming official graduates of Topeka High School.
Jaylan Fulton gets help from Counselor. Autumn Weyand before the graduation ceremony begins
Chrishayla Adams awaits her walk across the stage with recognition for her future in the National Guard.