Touring A’s Car Show Visits THS

William Hendrix, Editor in Chief

Every school year, the Flint Hills Touring A’s Car Club holds a car show in the Topeka High Auto Shop hosted by Auto Shop Teacher Dean Fairweather. On October 19, 2018, the Touring A’s assembled in the auto shop to give students an experience to take a closer look at some of the first assembly line automobiles made in the United States. When asked about the event, Fairweather explained that the event is held biannually with one show in the Fall Semester, and another in the Spring.

“In the Fall, it’s typically Model T’s that we have,” Fairweather said, “and in the spring, we have hot rods; and it’s almost tradition that both times we have it, it rains.”

After being asked about the Touring A’s, Fairweather said “The group is composed of mostly retirees, and they often appear at charity events, and in parades around the holidays. Some of them even have vehicles that have been passed down through their families after they were originally purchased, some even dating back to 1929.”

We caught up with David Thornburg, a member of the Touring A’s for 15 years. “I own a Ford Model A that I purchased in my first year of College. It’s been about 40 years that I’ve owned it, and I gave it a restoration a few years back. I drive it every so often in the Fall, and I’ve featured it in several parades including the St. Patrick’s Day parade, Thanksgiving Day parades, and Christmas parades; and I usually decorate it for the holidays. I’ve currently got it dressed up for Halloween.”

The Touring A’s Club Car Show offers a great learning experience for those interested in historic vehicles. The show will be at the Auto Shop for the entire day, where you can meet a whole cast of characters, and hear their stories, and the history of their antique automobiles. If you miss out on this opportunity, the club will return in the Spring semester to give you another chance to stop by and take a look.