Homecoming Spirit Week Day 3: Outerspace Day

Photos by Rose Pennington

Rose Pennington

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The third day of spirit week, Wednesday, October 3, was “Worlds Collide,” and it had the Halls of Troy filled with something a little alien.

Some students chose to dress as aliens, some as astronauts, and some as alien-fearing humans. Common costume choices for people that dressed as aliens were holographic leggings/skirts, glitter, antennae, and “space buns.”

“Space Day is fun because I finally got to use a bunch of glitter, wear space buns, and not really care how weird I looked,” Dani Swarts, junior, said.

“Astronaut” was also another common choice, and it included NASA t-shirts and the occasional fishbowl. Other students sported foil wrapped head and accessories.

“Spirit week is the best because you’re literally getting a pass to dress up at school and not get looked at weird, Swarts said.