Sophomore Class Opinion of KDOT Field Trip

Kelm Lear, Reporter

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The sophomore class visited the Kansas Expo Center on Tuesday for the annual KDOT career fair. Despite the several hands-on activities available and numerous career opportunities to discuss with company representatives, most of the sophomore class did not find the field trip appealing.

“I feel like if they’re going to have a day to show you a bunch of things, it should be about more than just construction and not just construction,” said Jayme Thompson, sophomore.

Thompson said that there should be more careers that aren’t construction based or that the sophomores, “should’ve been able to pick a group based on our career pathway.”

However, Thompson did find some of the interactive actives entertaining. “They did have a lot of hands on experiences. Those were cool,” said Thompson. Activities at the expo included handling a blow torch, operating a forklift, a paper airplane race and a virtual welding machine.

Tre’Viante Thomas, sophomore, recommended that the field trip be optional for those who are interested in construction.

“If I had to recommend something, don’t make it mandatory. I wouldn’t just make it like construction based, because not everyone is interested in that.”

Personally, Thomas is interested computers and technology, which he admits to finding careers at the expo related to computer skills. But he prefers that they not all be construction based.

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