Clash of Clubs’ Skittles Obstacle Course

Cecilia Friess, Reporter

Friday was the third day of the Clash of Clubs’ Candyland themed challenges. The Skittles Obstacle Course, held after school on the third floor, had four stages completed by two to four representatives from participating clubs. In the first stage, one member from each team had to use a straw to carry a Skittle from one end of the course to the other. In the next, they had to open fun-sized packets of skittles and separate out 30 Skittles of one color from the rest. Third was sorting a bowl of Skittles into its individual colors. Finally players were challenged to guess the color of a skittle by taste only. Teams were ranked by overall time, with Scholar’s Bowl, French Club, and Thespians taking first, second and third. There are still two challenges left in Clash of Clubs, taking place on Monday and Tuesday after school, all culminating in Club Carnival on Wednesday.