Royalty of Courts Spirit Week: Day Three

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Royalty of Courts Spirit Week: Day Three

Cecilia Friess, Reporter

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Thursday marked the third day of Royalty of Courts Spirit Week, themed with camo. Students were encouraged to wear camouflage to show school spirit.

Aja Bonjour, freshman, Casey Champney, freshman, Rachel Stuart, senior, and Garren Evenson, sophomore dawn their best camo regal for Spirit Week.

Nell DeCoursey Brennan, senior, andMadeline Hatesohl, senior, look for people’s school spirit.

Guillermo Gutierrez-Flores, senior, sports a camo hoodie.

Where’d Mr. Rimmey go?

Clare Emmert, freshman, was decked out in near head-to-toe camouflage.

Freshmen Zoe Cary and Micaela Snook blend in.

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