Top five spooky occurrences during paranormal investigation


William Hendrix, Reporter

When plans fell through for fellow reporter Tyler Pressler and me to investigate paranormal activity at Topeka High, we were invited to the Kansas Paranormal Research Society’s “Spooks and Spirits” event where attendees got a chance to experience a paranormal investigation. These are the top five spookiest occurrences we experienced from that event.  


  1. The Amount of Pretzels

Normally, this may not be considered spooky, as it’s just a snack to have during the congregation before each location rotation, however, there were no readily available beverages to speak of, thus leaving some attendees parched and dry-mouthed.


  1. The Falling Cup Fiasco

One thing that caught us off guard was when we ventured into the haunted dressing rooms at the Columbian Theater. When our attention was grabbed by a light seemingly turning on by itself in the hallway connecting the two dressing rooms, we went across the hall where a stack of cups appeared to fall by themselves.


  1. The Lights

One of the things that really grabbed our attention was, on several accounts, lights were either turning on or off by themselves without anyone being there to do that. That was pretty inconspicuous.


  1. Voices on the Spirit Box

One of the tools that the investigators used was called a “Spirit Box” which scans AM and FM frequencies and filters out voices that would normally not be able to be heard. At one point in time when we were in the loft apartment above the Oz Museum, that device or one similar was used and we heard a voice seemingly identifying itself as “Sasha.”

  1. The Basement Picture

Once we returned back to Topeka, at about week later, the photo below came up and in it, you can see an apparent apparition with me off to the left.                                       

An apparition can be seen to the back.