Incorrect call results in Trojan loss


Lillian Holmberg

Seniors Tanner Matthias, Xavier Dunbar, Matthew Garza, and Tucker Richey hold hands in preparation to walk out on the field. (File Photo)

The Trojan football season has been cut short due to a call that some are calling controversial.

On November 3, Topeka High football squared off against Garden City in the 6A second-round playoff game. Garden City seemed to present a challenge to Topeka and even won with a score of 24-21– a three-point difference. Throughout the game, the Trojans seemed to not only be playing against the Buffaloes, but also fighting an uphill battle against the referees. During the game, there were many debatable calls made. The most damaging incorrect call made, however, was that of a touchdown in the final few seconds of the second quarter. 

On the night of Topeka High’s loss, sports writer Rick Peterson of the Topeka Capital-Journal posted an article online about the loss. Included in the article was a game recap video. In the first eight seconds of the video, it shows Garden City’s player number 22 running the ball down towards the end zone, with Topeka High Players DeAndre Anderson, number 23, and KeeAndre Smith, number 26, trailing behind. Eventually, Garden City’s player was brought down just short of the end zone, and just short of a touchdown. Even though in the video it is very apparent that the play did not result in a touchdown, it was called as such, which put six additional points on the board for the Buffaloes.

Garden City’s three-point win was the product of the touchdown that never was, and both the Buffaloes and the Trojans were robbed of a fair game.

Check out the video and article here: