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Fall Festives: Trojans share their Favorite things about Fall

Amber Ruiz

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Leaves are falling and temperature dropping, Fall has finally hit the halls of Troy. Here are a few things Topeka High students love to do in the fall.

Lucky Alonzo, senior, talks about his favorite things about  fall.

“Halloween, the haunted houses, the Television Shows that come out. I like the Disney Movies, like Halloweentown. My family and I go to haunted houses, we go to the haunted houses in the bottoms of KC. We go to the Beast and the Edge of hell haunted houses. However, I least like how hot it is in the building (Topeka High).” 



Chloe Jones, senior shares what she likes about  fall.

“My favorite thing about the fall is I can wear long pants and it will cover my white legs. I also don’t like shaving. I love how the leaves change and bonfires. I love sweaters.”






Alexia Hercules, Junior, talks about why she likes fall.

“The cool weather and the colors. I like the pumpkin patches. My family and I go to Gary’s Berries. My friends and I do stuff together and we go to Gary’s Berries, as well, it’s always the fall go to. You can wear pants and not shave, I get to dress cozy. Fall is when the world received a blessing; I have my birthday during the fall!”



Darren Canty, senior, says some of his favorite things about fall.

“I like being able to wear hoodies and pants-that cool weather gear. I like that basketball is during this time. Not going to flex, love halloween. Perfect bonfire weather.”






Leah Starbuck, sophomore, explains her favorite things about fall.

“Sweaters-the cool weather! it’s not too cold, and not too hot. It’s the perfect weather. I like hot drinks. My family and I decorate our front porch for Halloween. My friend’s and I take pictures with the pretty colors of the leaves. On Halloween, my friends and I get a big group together, and we go to someones house and watch movies together. My favorite fall movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas.”






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Fall Festives: Trojans share their Favorite things about Fall