Auf Wiedersehen, Frau G


Shavo Lock , Reporter

Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language? Some who chose to do so last year would recommend Bailey Gibbons, a teacher commonly known for her talents and ability. However, students enrolling after 2017 will not have the opportunity to meet her.


Bailey Gibbons, commonly known as “Frau G” or “Señorita G,” was known for her classes, clubs, and positive attitude when it came to teaching what she loved; German and Spanish. During her career as a teacher, Gibbons gave a perspective to students who wished to learn about a foreign culture. In her class, students could participate in interactive activities that brought fun to the learning environment. Unfortunately, 2017 was her last year at Topeka High, as she had decided to expand her horizons overseas.


After studying abroad in high school, Bailey has returned to Cologne Germany as she had always wished to do. Still having connections in Cologne, she did not hesitate to move.


“It seemed like the right time in my life to make a move,” Gibbons said.


Right time or not, the process in which she endured was neither simple nor short. After all, entering another country for a permanent residence requires many steps and must be prepared years in advance.


“I researched the move and all the legal requirements for visas and residency permits for nearly a year before I left,” Gibbons said. “Unfortunately nearly all of the information I received before I left was inaccurate.”


After filling out paper after paper, she had finally made it, but not without a few hardships. In order to relocate, Gibbons had to sell a handful of her belongings and study the process repeatedly. And, after much dedication, she made it. Unfortunately, without her “cat babies,” which she was notorious for loving. According to Gibbons, they are too young and the stress of the move worries her. They aren’t the only thing she misses, however.


“I miss real Mexican food,” Gibbons said. “Here it’s served with ketchup. Everything moves at a glacial pace and if they make a mistake,  it’s your problem, not theirs. I ordered my Internet service 6 weeks ago and it still hasn’t been installed.  A friend of mine waited 6 months! And of course, I miss my former students and T-High!”


To many, these conditions may sound unpleasant and easily avoidable. So the real question stands: why would she volunteer to go through it?


“My future in Germany will most likely include me going back to school for a Master’s in English so I am able to teach English to high school students here,” Gibbons said.


And as always, cons are accompanied by pros.


“The Kölner Dom is such an incredible Cathedral,” Gibbons said. “It makes me smile every time I see it. It rains a lot here,  which means it’s always green!  There are beautiful plants everywhere.  And lastly, the people I’ve met, may expats themselves, have helped make me feel more reassured that moving here was the right decision for me.”


And though she is far away, Bailey Gibbons has a final word for us Trojans.


“I would like to say to my fellow students and colleagues at T-High that I miss you and am so happy I had the chance to work with you.  I learned so much from my time there and I hope to find a job here that will be as fulfilling as the one I left behind. “