Nathan’s NFL Power Rankings for Week 6

Nathan Swaffar, Reporter

Through five weeks of the 2017 NFL Season, there have been many surprises with the Chiefs being the only undefeated team left, and the Giants being winless. Here are my personal power rankings through five weeks.

  1. Chiefs 5-0: With Alex Smith looking like the MVP so far, along with Kareem Hunt on pace to have a 2,000 yard season, the Chiefs are the only undefeated team left for a good reason.
  2. Packers 4-1: With Aaron Rodgers continuing his dominance vs the Cowboys, and with the rookie Aaron Jones looking like a superstar, the Packers truly are earning their place at the top. There is only one thing in their way of the top spot, the Chiefs.
  3. Panthers 4-1: Cam Newton has returned to his MVP form and Ed Dixon is looking better than Greg Olsen. Christian McCaffrey and Jonathan Stewart look to be carrying their weight as well.
  4. Eagles 4-1: Even with the season ending injury to Darren Sproles, the Eagles offense has not slowed down. The Defense is holding everybody in sight and look to be on a role with their only loss coming to the, CHIEFS.
  5. Falcons 3-1: They seem a little high even with the loss to the Bills, but Matt Ryan and Julio Jones still look like the best QB WR duo in the league. The Defense could use some help, but they can still play with the best.
  6. Patriots 3-2: Why are the Patriots ahead of the Broncos? Because their Defense finally stood up to a tough challenge of the Buccaneers offense. Tom Brady still looks like Tom Brady which is the other thing keeping them up this high.
  7. Broncos 3-1: The Broncos look way better than many people probably expected. Trevor Siemian looks like a legitimate QB now, and the Defense looks like it did during their Championship season in 2015.  
  8. Seahawks 3-2: The Hawks looked a little shaken, but rebounded against their rivals winning in Los Angeles against the Rams. Russell Wilson and the offense needs to be more consistent though if they want to contend.
  9. Lions 3-2: Even with the loss to the Panthers, the Lions still look good. Their defense had some holes, but Matthew Stafford still looks like the fourth Quarter master almost leading the comeback.
  10. Jaguars 3-2: They made a statement against the Steelers. 182 rushing yards by Leonard Fournette and the defense forced five interceptions, they look like legitimate contenders.
  11. Bills: 3-2: The Bills still have questions, but I ranked them this high because I believe they can contend. Tyrod Taylor has to prove that he is a great QB if they want to though.
  12. Redskins 2-2: With Josh Norman having some broken ribs, and the whole defense looking like they are fragile as glass, it’s hard to put them this high. The only thing keeping them here, Kirk Cousins, and yes I do like that.
  13. Rams 3-2: Even with the Rams losing to the Seahawks, Jared Goff looks good and the Defense looks solid. I believe they can contend for the NFC West.
  14. Texans 2-3: J.J. Watt is out, and it hurts me to rank them this high, but with DeShaun Watson playing these past three weeks, it’s hard not to put them this high. 33 against the Patriots, 57 against the Titans, and 34 against the Chiefs. The Texans look legit.  
  15. Cowboys 2-3: The reason they’re this high, they contended with the Packers. They look good on both sides of the ball for the most part, but with the Eagles topping the East, it’ll be hard for them to win the division.
  16. Bengals 2-3: They look alright to say the least, but very shaky. They rebounded after their first two weeks of no touchdowns, but have a long way to go to contend.
  17. Ravens 3-2: They got a big win over the Raiders with Derek Carr, but a win’s a win. Joe Flacco could still use some help, but injuries have not helped them.
  18. Steelers 3-2: They looked awful, that may even be an understatement. It may be time for Big Ben to hang up the Jersey and call it quits. This team has to rebound against the Chiefs if they want contend.
  19. Raiders 2-3: It’s hard to put them this low with Derek Carr expected to start next week, but the Defense had trouble against an injury battered Falcons offense. This team has to start winning if they want a chance at an AFC West crown.
  20. Vikings 3-2: They looked alright against a week Bears team, but Sam Bradford hurt his knee, and the defense didn’t look the best against rookie Mitchel Trubisky, but they are contenders for a wild card spot.
  21. Buccaneers 2-2: I’m worried about the Bucs, the offense got shut down by a weak Patriots offense. They should be better with a four hit combo of Jameis Winston, Doug Martin, Mike Evans, and Desean Jackson.
  22. Saints 2-2: The Saints can contend, but the Defense has to back up Drew Brees, otherwise this team will get no further than third place in the NFC South.
  23. Dolphins 2-2: The Dolphins are a mess, Jay Cutler is not living up to the hype, the Defense doesn’t look that good, and the O-Line coach is snorting Cocaine, what’s next? They did beat the Titans though, without Marcus Mariota.
  24. Titans 2-3: This team really needs Marcus Mariota, they lost to a scrambled Dolphins team, and the offense couldn’t do anything with Matt Cassel. When Mariota is in, this team isn’t bad but they need him now.
  25. Jets 3-2: The Jets look better than I ever thought they would, but they’ve faced relatively bad teams. They have to beat some good teams to convince me.
  26. Colts 2-3: If they get Andrew Luck back, they might have a chance. Jacoby Brissett has stepped up and helped them possibly stay in the race for a wild card, but they need Luck back quickly.
  27. Cardinals 2-3: The Cards need some help, but actually don’t look that bad. Larry Fitzgerald isn’t slowing down, but Carson Palmer is old and needs some help from Chris Johnson while David Johnson is out.
  28. Chargers 1-4: Finally the Chargers got their first win, but it’s hard for them right now. They still have nearly no chance at the playoffs and would need a miracle, but weirder things have happened in the West. The Chiefs started out 1-5 a couple years ago and won out.
  29. Bears 1-4: Rookie Mitch Trubisky looked like, well a rookie. Nothing to impressive, but nothing awful. He is the QB of the future for this team, and he has to develop this year if they want any chance next year.
  30. 49ers 0-5: The 49ers are in a rebuilding process, but they don’t look THAT bad. Yeah they’re winless, but potential is on this team looking to the future.
  31. Giants 0-5: It’s over, Odell is gone, Brandon Marshall is gone, Eli looks like a Browns QB. The Giants have no chance, the only thing left is to try to get a high pick in the draft.
  32. Browns 0-5: What to say, it’s hard to give the Browns anything positive. They look like they will go nowhere anytime soon. DeShone Kizer is out at starter, so who are they left with?



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