Q&A Spotlight: First Football Game-Sept.1st


Amber Ruiz, Business Manager

Ky Thomas(sophomore):

Q: What position do you play?

A: “I’m a running back, but I play wide receiver sometimes.”

How long have you been playing for?

“Probably since kindergarten–first grade. First grade was my first year I could tackle, but kindergarten is when I played flag [flag football].”

How did you know you wanted to be in football?

“I didn’t necessarily know, my dad just played and he kinda brought be into it. It is what I have done ever since I was young.”

Do you think your team is in for a good season this year?

“We started off better than expected. Defensively and Offensively we had some mess ups, but it was better than what I was expecting for our first game.”

How far do you think your team will get this season, do you think going to state is a possibility?

“We got the potential, it is just practice and keeping our head on straight and not so many penalties. But, we have potential to go far in the play offs.”

How do you think the transfer students did?

“They did pretty good, you couldn’t tell that it was their first year here. They fit right in from the get go, they were a huge part of the win today.”

Matt Garza(Senior):

Q: What Position do you play?

A: “Center.”

How many years have you been playing?

“I’ve been playing Varsity for two, but I have been playing here [Topeka High] for four.

When did you know you wanted to start playing football?

“When I was really young, my dad put me into it. I loved the contact and the brawn

between everyone. I just really enjoyed doing that.”

Do you plan to pursue it in college?

“I have some colleges looking at me. If I got an offer, I would love to go. It would be a

blessing honestly.”

How do you feel this game went (Post-Hayden Game)?

“Game wise, I think we did really good. We definitely could have picked it up on defense.

But, we came out with a W, so I can’t complain. We will those little tweaks for next week.”

How did the transfers do?

“The transfers did great. They did great on offense, they dedicated themselves to our bond that we have. They did fantastic.”

Seth Alston(Senior):

How many years have you been playing football?

“I have been playing football since the third grade.”

How did you know you wanted to play football?

“I go involved in sports when seeing my family struggle and just knowing that I have to

support them, so I looked to football and I love doing it.”

Are you playing in college?

“Yeah, that’s what I look forward to, I have some colleges talk to me but, none are


How do you feel the game went?

“Pretty good, the defense could of stepped up a lot more, we got a lot more things to work on. The offense did a good job, though.”

“We played hard and we played fast.”

“We knew it was going to be a battle, and they were going to fight till the very end of the game.”

“We let a lot of plays slide on defense and caused a lot of penalties that set us back.”