Trojan Profile: Reece White

Coming to a new school from a different city usually is a pretty nerve wracking experience, but Reece White, junior, has fit into Topeka High like it’s no problem.

White went to Lawrence Free State for the first half of his high school experience, but he transferred here this year where a lot of his time has been spent playing and practicing basketball.

“I’ve never gotten to play in the dungeon, people always told me how fun it is, like the student section, the atmosphere in the dungeon, and the players here are really welcoming,” Reece White said.

White has been playing basketball for most of his life, and he and his good buddy Lorenzo Ramos get together and practice as much as they can.

“We always are in the gym. Always trying to get better.” Lorenzo Ramos, junior said. “He doesn’t give up. He works hard the whole entire game. And he keeps a positive attitude.”

Even if there is something that seems like it will keep him back, he still has that killer instinct to be, and do his best.

“He has a heck of a work ethic like, for example, Reece who had a concussion not too long ago, was out of the tournament. And when he was coming back we have a shooting machine, it’s called the gun, he would get close to 600-800 shots on that gun, he wasn’t allowed to practice but he got to work on his shot, he got to work on everything related to basketball,” varsity coach Patrick Denney said.

Even though he’s only been here for half a year he ‘s quickly becoming one of the most important players for the basketball team, averaging 12.1 points over the 9 games he’s played this year.

“I think Reece is going to evolve into a leader on our basketball team. Just because he is so good at the game, I think he understands it so well.” Coach Denney said. “He’s counted on for stuff like that this year, but next year he will be the leader. He’ll be the best player in the city, I think one of the best players in the state.”

The expectations for Reece are not completely out of left field as his brother, Chris White, played varsity all four years here at Topeka High.

“His brother was a basketball player here at Topeka high back in the day, so we’ve known Reece since he was running around in diapers pretty much” Coach Denney said. “He always been close to the coaches, we’ve always kept an eye on him, and on his progress. He’s such a good natured kid that works well with our players. Any time we get to coach a kid that very knowledgeable in basketball, that you know understands what you’re trying to get done. It makes my job a lot easier.” Coach Denney Said.

Even though this is Reece’s first year at Topeka High, the blending with the players here has not been a problem he faced.

“Two years ago, he came in the summer and we matched him up with some of the other sophomores at the time, which would have been Nysir, J’Shaliek, and Carson and those guys, so we knew of him, then last summer when they decided they were going to transfer, our kids already had a familiarity with him. So it didn’t really take long for him to mesh with these guys, so getting to know him and play with him, it’s been seamless.” Coach Denney Said.

But basketball isn’t the only thing that White cares about, as Ramos said, “He’s always looking out for somebody, making sure everybody is okay.”

In terms of the future Reece hasn’t been thinking about college too much this year but he said he’s hoping for a school that is good for him not only basketball wise but also educationally, he definitely look into those schools.