Student Government Prepares for the New Year

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Student Government Prepares for the New Year

Chris Gernon, Reporter

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Student Government is staying true to their goal of increased member participation, and both the student body and the community are reaping the benefits.

The “break” in winter break didn’t seem applicable to STUGO. During winter break, All-School President Erica Self, senior, presented the American Cancer Society with a $1,150 check. “Each year STUGO sells a pink out shirt, and 100% of the profits we receive go to the Cancer,” Self said. “This year we donated the most money Topeka High has ever donated.”

STUGO kicked off the new year with their bi-annual STUGO retreat at the Topeka Shawnee Public Library. Occurring at the beginning of every semester, the retreat is used as a day for STUGO to plan out everything they are going to do in the following semester.

“I’m excited because we have a lot more people who are excited to be in STUGO as opposed to just being in the organization for their resume,” Self said. “So I think this year we have had a lot more participation which is part of the reason why we have been so successful this year”

Coming out of the retreat, Self is excited for STUGO’s new emphasis on community service. She launching an initiative for any STUGO or student body member to go out in the community and volunteer.

Other highlights of the STUGO retreat included discussion of an ultimate frisbee tournament as well as new theme ideas for sprit week and royalty of courts.

“I’m really excited to see how spirit week pans out,” Self said. “We have some new spirit week themes so I hope that it will get people more involved and more excited for spirit week than they have been in past years.”

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