Going Green club travels to local elementary schools

Jayden Huckabay, Reporter

The going green club is an ecological club that helps to promote recycling.

On Thursday, April 14th the Going Green club went to Whitson Elementary School to teach four different fourth grade classes about a different economic topic.

Kerry Zimmerman, science teacher, is the leader of the club.

“The club is all about spreading awareness and addressing the issues,” Zimmerman said. “When you increase awareness, you increase understanding.”

The club is planning to go to two other schools: Meadows Elementary School and Randolph Elementary School.

“ I think it’s a win-win for everyone,” Zimmerman said. “The high schoolers get to go and help younger kids understand what’s going on and the younger kids get to learn from high school kids and know more about it.”

“We taught our class about nonrenewable resources and renewable resources and how renewable resources are better for the environment,” Adrian Ayala, sophomore, said. “After the presentation, the kids didn’t want us to go. They really liked us.”

Ayala hopes for the club to become a tradition at Topeka High. “I want the club to stay relevant and productive for the T-High community.” Ayala said.

Going Green has many more activities planned for the future and high hopes that more people will support them as a whole.

“We hope that our club grows more and we get more members to join to help us expand.” Zimmerman said.