Trojan Profile: Keira Beatty


Keira Beatty, junior, swims butterfly at a meet. Photo by Craig Strever.

Keira Beatty, junior, is new to the swim team this year. She used to swim when she was in elementary school, so she decided to try it again in high school to get active as well as have fun.

“I decided to start swimming because a lot of my friends encouraged me to, and it gets you in great shape,” Beatty said. “I like that it’s hard work while also a time to socialize with friends. I also really like the team dinners.”

Beatty used to play a multitude of sports, including soccer and basketball, but after tearing her ACL three times, she decided to call it quits and took up cheerleading. However, she still wanted to be on a team and compete.

“It’s a good sport for me because it doesn’t hurt my knees,” Beatty said.

At swim meets, Beatty’s favorite stroke is butterfly. She enjoys being on a team and bonding with her teammates, especially when they cheer her on at meets.

“The team aspect is very supportive and positive,” Beatty said.