Long time band director announces retirement

Julia Howell, Reporter

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During the first hour varsity band class Steve Holloman, band director announced his retirement. Holloman has been at the school for 36 years.

He has become a legend at the school by going through many different generations of families and producing great band quality. He has decided that it was time for him to hand the torch to someone new.

“I want the next person to come in when it’s a good time to come. There is a real strong band with the sophomore and junior class this year,” Holloman said. “I love doing this but sooner or later you just have to say it’s time to move on.”

After Holloman leaves the school he isn’t sure what he will do yet. His daughter is an elementary band teacher and might join her in helping teach younger students. He plans to volunteer at the school when he can.

“I thought I could go follow her around and help her with band, the beginning kids,” Holloman said. “ I could come up here [the school] if we need help checking out uniforms or doing stuff with band day. I could just be volunteer and do things like that.”

When the information was released students and staff were uneasy and many were not ready for the change.

“It’s going to be okay. Nothing is going to change. It’s going to be the same great kids here,” Holloman said. “It’s not me that makes the kids good it’s the love they have for music.”

The hiring process hasn’t begun yet but interviews will begin soon for next year’s director. The candidates will have to go through a process and meet the correct qualifications to be a leader of such a high organization.

“I’m sure whoever they get to be here next year will be good, I’ll make sure. This means so much to me because this is my school,” Holloman said.

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