Movie Review: The Divergent Series Alligiant


Justase Young , Reporter

Over Spring Break the third movie installment of the Divergent Series came to theaters. The four part book series written by Veronica Roth. The Series follows a post apocalyptic world where where people are divided into five distinct factions based on human virtues, this utopian like society exists in what we know as Chicago. There is a large wall separating the city, from the rest of the world, which they believe is dangerous, and depleted of all human life.The factions,  Dauntless(the brave), Amity(the peaceful), Abnegation(the selfless) Erudite(the intelligent) and Candor(the honest) those who don’t fit into these factions are called the Factionless, and those that fit into every faction are called Divergent and seen as a threat to the system. The story’s antagonist Tris Prior begins to run into trouble when she finds out that she is Divergent. Through her journeys she encounters new friends and a man named Four who assist her in uncovering a conspiracy to destroy all Divergents and put it to an end.  In the Second installment, Insurgent, Prior with the help of her friends  takes down Jenine,  the woman behind the conspiracy through which the faction system is eradicated and a brief time of peace ensues. Prior discovers a message from outside of the wall,  where she then becomes determined to leave the city and discover who and what is out there.

This is where the story picks up with the series’ third installment, Allegiant. A woman named Evelyn who is also Four’s mother has risen to power and essentially taken the place of Jenine. Unfortunately Evelyn has all but followed in Jenine’s footsteps and she decides to keep the walls locked so no one can leave.Unrest and violence quickly ensues as the the people are hungry for justice against those who served under Jenine, Prior’s brother Caleb included. Trials that are more like public executions are held and Four breaks Caleb out of prison before he is harmed. Unhappy with Evelyn’s rule Prior, Four, Caleb and a few others decide to escape to outside of the wall. Along the way they discover that not only are there people outside of the wall, but that their entire lives hadn’t quite been what they’d thought they were. However the biggest revelation of all perhaps, was that somehow Tris Prior was the key to the restoration of humanity.

The movie adaptation of Allegiant was split into two parts in order to cover as much of the book as possible in a reasonable amount of time. The director decided to name part one of the movie simply as Allegiant and part two which has been scheduled to be released June 9th, 2017, Ascendant. Ascendant will be the final installation of the Divergent series despite Roth there being Four books, the fourth is named after Tris Prior’s love interest, Four.



Alligiant trailer