Chinese students visit the Halls of Troy


The Chinese exchange students being recognized at the King and Queen of Courts assembly.

Nine Chinese students and their teacher are in Topeka for nine days to experience the school system and culture in America. Here, they are staying with ten Topeka High students in their homes. Keira Beatty, junior, is hosting one of the students, Max Ye.


“It’s fun to have someone else around to talk and hang out with,” Beatty said. “She tells us a lot about China, and it’s interesting to compare it to America. It’s nice to introduce her to American customs and traditions and see how excited she is about all of it.”


According to Ye, there are several differences between American and Chinese school.


“Students have their own choices at Topeka High School,” Ye said. “They have the choice of classes, how to behave, and how to talk to their teachers. They can follow what is in their heart. In China, we do not have the choice about what classes we take and other things.”


The exchange students are also spending several school days with Topeka High students who are taking or have taken the Mandarin Chinese class. Tori Vaughn, junior, is hosting Jenny Gu for three school days.


“So far she’s just been following me around to my classes but she’s going to the basketball game with me on Friday, so that’s probably the most fun thing,” Vaughn said.


Angela Tong is staying with Tori Routsong, junior, in her home. Routsong says there is a slight language barrier, but they still manage to communicate.


“You never realize how complex and intricate our language is until you see it from a perspective of someone who’s still learning it, and it takes a lot of patience on the part of everyone involved,” Routsong said. “However, it’s also really fun. It’s like having a sister. Her confidence has improved by tenfold which makes it far easier to communicate.”


Although Tong thinks the Halls of Troy are very different from those in China, she enjoys it here.
“The school is great and very beautiful,” Tong said.